I am a member of a unique horse club located near Seattle, Washington.  The club was recently featured on the local news in a 2 ½ minute video spotlight. The news anchor cleverly opened with “We have all heard of ride sharing (referring to car commuters) Well now, there is Horse Sharing…” Sharing. Such a simple…… Continue reading Sharing


  As I made my way down the winding road towards the Ranch I found myself thinking of Mija. I reminded myself, that my expectations are best kept in check, and pulled into the driveway. Walking into the barn, I saw that the farrier had just arrived to do hoof trims on my barefooted friends.…… Continue reading Communication


As I anticipated the celebration of my 7th Wedding anniversary,  I found myself being asked the same question by so many people in my life.  “How will you celebrate?”  My response was continually consistent. “Oh, I think we will just watch an old black and white film and our vow renewal video.” My husband and…… Continue reading Winter


Out at the ranch I am stunned with the beauty of the view and of the differences found in each one of our horses.  All of our horses are so very different from one another. Different in breed, different in color, confirmation, and in tempermant. The horses, like us, are all different. But, also like…… Continue reading Variety


While standing on the gravel path, admiring the fall colors in the branches above, chatting with another member; our conversation was halted mid sentence.  A deer walked our way from across the pasture. A doe, followed by her tiny fawn. A beautiful sight on its own,that makes you hold your breath. And the magic continued. …… Continue reading Peace


The work shop was a busy place out at the ranch today. Much use was made out of the tools kept around for the odd jobs that come up. Usually the jobs are tasks like hanging something, repairing something, or making new use out of something old.  Today’s task was much more enjoyable than most.…… Continue reading Paths


In remembrance of Willie K. whom we lost so suddenly that October.  Dear Linda, Words can not express the sadness I feel, knowing you have lost your amazing friend.  I cannot tell you enough what Willie meant to my family, my friends and I. And I can only lightly touch the surface of the profound… Continue reading Remembering


As I entered the paddock to greet our three temporary guests, I giggled inside at the extreme size differences. Aureolo, a retired cavalia horse, and his enormous neck and long legs stood over 17 hands high. And his two miniature companions seemed minuscule in comparison.  Rojo, a little red gelding peeked over his own shoulder…… Continue reading Meekness


 I awoke bright and early and zipped over to the ranch as quickly as I could; Excited to see our temporary guests.  Although, adding three additional beings to the list of lives that need attention, care and love, meant more work and tasks on our to do list, the proprietor of the Ranch lovingly agreed to…… Continue reading Hospitality


I arrived at the ranch, with an open mind and an open heart, looking forward to whatever adventures awaited me. On this particular day I was surprised to find a young lady staying at the ranch and offered her some of my time and attention so she could ride our lovely Arabian Mare Mia.  I…… Continue reading Listening